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We are ready to assist you from the moment the police arrest you as a suspect in a criminal investigation. We will advise you on your rights and obligations to protect your best interests. You can call us 24 hours a day for our help so do not hesitate to take prompt action in requesting our presence the moment you or someone you know are arrested or asked for an interview.

Police Stations
We provide a 24-hour emergency service for clients arrested in and around the North West region. All the staff undertaking this work having undergone lengthy training.

Magistrates Courts
Most prosecutions begin at the Magistrates Court and we are able to represent our clients in these cases throughout the country.

Youth Courts
We offer expert knowledge of the particular problems faced by young people in the criminal justice system.

Crown Courts
Most serious charges are brought before the Crown Court. We undertake a large number of matters in the Crown Court and have a wealth of experience in the conduct and preparation of what may be either a straight forward or very complex case such as murders, serious drug offences and serious fraud, at all times offering an extremely skilled service.

Court of Appeal
We have experienced team members who deal with miscarriages of justice. We are experienced in taking matters to the Court of Appeal.

Specialist Areas
We have dedicated teams dealing with the following niche areas of criminal defence work:

Road Traffic
We represent clients summoned to appear in respect of road traffic offences through out the country. Click here to visit our dedicated Driving Offence Solicitor site.

White Collar Fraud
Philip Lythgoe heads a team undertaking the defence of serious and complex fraud allegations

Serious and complex casework

Prisoners rights and human rights legislation
Click here for further information regarding Prison Law...

Proceeds of crime (confiscation and forfeiture) proceedings

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